Unofficial ASL Builds for Buster

ASL-Asterisk 1.4.23pre_alpha3

(Unofficial) ASL-Builds Repository

Currently for Debian amd64 Buster and Raspberry OS Buster To install: echo “deb buster main” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kc1kcc_asl_builds.list wget -O – | apt-key add – apt update apt install asl-asterisk asl-dahdi

Unofficial ASL Releases for Buster

ASL-Asterisk 1.4.23pre_alpha2

Unofficial ASL Releases for Buster

I’ve been doing a bit of work on Allstar Link Asterisk (and DAHDI) for use under Raspberry OS and Debian Buster. Unofficial releases are posted on my GitHub repositories: ASL-Asterisk-1.4.23pre_alpha1 ASL-DAHDI-3.0.1_alpha4

KC1KCC Standard Radio Interface Pinout

This is a subject I’ve been kicking around for the past year or so and it has gone through a couple of revisions. My goal is to have any one of my transceivers work with any one of my radio interfaces with little or no adaptation. This started with diy cm108 interfaces for Allstar, but…

The Math Behind Coax Traps

Coax Traps are LC traps using the inherent capacitive properties of coaxial cable, wrapped around a form to create an inductive coil. The resonant frequency of an LC trap is defined by the following formula:     where is the frequency in Hertz, is the inductance in Henries and is the capacitance in Farads. We…

New 2 meter antenna

Had a few free hours on Sunday and put this beast together. It’s a j-pole with a decoupling section at the bottom to reduce common mode currents reflecting down the grounded mast. I was thrilled when my analyzer showed 1:1 SWR at a little over 147MHz and 53 ohms. Successfully hit a handful of repeaters…

View from the road

My roofline just got prettier.

JJ-38 Straight Key

My latest acquisition! Now it’s time to learn Morse code.